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What We Value


A successful chiropractic procedure can improve the patient’s quality of life and productivity. Both of these are imperative to achieving long-term success and happiness. That’s why, at Adjust Me, we believe in offering affordable prices. We’re here to help everyone on their journey to find success and wellness.


The benefits of Chiropractic are universal. That’s why, at Adjust Me, we believe in providing the maximum possible availability for our patients. All of our patients can expect short wait-times and a comprehensive service – without an appointment. We’re always ready to help. All you need to do is knock.

How are we different?

I’m glad you asked…

Traditional Adjust Me
Personal Injury (PI) Accepted Accepted
Insurance Accepted / Preferred Not Accepted
Affordability $50 – $75 Co-Pay + Billed Insurance $27 Average
Hours of Operation Limited / Inconsistent Open 5 – 6 Days; Nights & Weekends
Appointments Typically required Not Required
Located Medical Complexes Daily Use Centers

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